Hassan is one of the districts in Karanataka and its city is also called Hassan. This Place is famous for the Temples of Hoysala Architecture.

There are many places to visit in Hassan like Temples and Lakes, The most Famous Temple is Hoysaleswara Temple.



Top Tourist Attractions in Hassan

  • Hoysaleeswara Temple
  • Gommateswara temple
  • Hasanamba Temple
  • Maharaja Park
  • Bucheshvara Temple

Hassan has best Temple Architecture in entire Karnataka.

Karnataka is the Southern State of India and the Tourist places it holds is just next to Kerala, This State is very famous for Temples and It’s a unique architecture, Also Bengaluru is it’s State Capital and also it is the only city in India which is above 1000m Elevation from Sea Level which makes it a very cool place to live and also the parks and greenery surroundings make it the very best place to live. Within a 100kms radius from Bengaluru, there are many Lakes and Beautiful Places to visit.

Tourism plays an important role and also Contributes a major share in the GDP of the state, Temples, Beaches, Hill Stations, Waterfalls, and beautiful locations all form up and makes Karnataka a wonderful Experience. That is the reason the Tourism Department of Karnataka made a slogan, That Karnataka is “ONE STATE MANY WORLDS” Which means in this one state there are many places to visit which are almost equal to separate worlds.

Karnataka was ruled by Vijayanagara Empire and also Mysore Kinds, During the 1600’s There Capital is Hampi which is in Bellary, The State has many Palaces and Museums, Which are during the Vijayanagara Empire period, Many Other Kings like Tippu Sulthan, Sri Krishna Devaraya Ruled this place and that is the reason it is called as Palace State, There are many Palaces and Museums in Karnataka which is a must-visit.

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