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East Godavari

East Godavari

East Godavari is the Coastal District of Andhra Pradesh, It is also known as Kerala of Andhra Pradesh because of its Coconut trees and Plam Trees and also Blue Water Sea Coast.

The Godavari Districts are Known as Konaseema and these places are very famous for the productions of Rice, Banana, Coconut, and also Fisheries are very famous in this place.

The Head Quarters of East Godavari is Kakinada, Kakinada is a smart city and Subbiah Hotel is Very famous here for Vegetarian Meals.

Places like Rajamundry Godavari Bridge, Amalapuram, Bodaskurru Backwaters, Antarvedi Beach-River Point, Kakinada Coringa Wild Life Sanctuary, Hope Island, Mada Man-groove Forests are worth a visit.



Top Tourist Attractions in East Godavari

  • Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rajahmundry Godavari Arch Bridge
  • Papikonda National Park
  • Annavaram Sri Veera Venkata
  • Sri Chalukya Kumararama
  • Iskcon Rajahmundry, Sri Sri Radha Gopinath
  • Sri Kukkuteswara Swamy Temple
  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple
  • Dowleswaram Barrage
  • Uppada Beach Road
  • Veerabhadra Temple, Pattiseema
  • Sri Umakotilingeswara Swamy Sri Sitarama
  • Rampa Water Falls
  • Antervedi Beach
  • Rallabandi Subba Rao Archaeological
  • Cotton Museum
  • Sri Bhavannarayana Swamy Temple
  • Talupulamma Temple
  • Amalapuram
  • Bodaskurru

East Godavari, situated in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh, is a captivating destination known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and historical significance.

Coastal Charms

Blessed with a long coastline along the Bay of Bengal, East Godavari boasts pristine beaches and tranquil backwaters. Visitors can unwind amidst the serene surroundings of Kakinada Beach or explore the mangrove forests of Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Cultural Heritage

The renowned Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple in Draksharamam and the historic Kotipalli Someswara Temple are popular pilgrimage sites.

Rural Retreats

East Godavari is dotted with quaint villages and rural hamlets that offer a glimpse into traditional Andhra life. Visitors can experience the warm hospitality of the locals, savor authentic cuisine, and witness age-old customs and rituals.

Godavari River

The majestic Godavari River, often called the “Ganga of the South,” flows through the heart of East Godavari, shaping the region’s landscape and culture. Boat cruises along the Godavari offer a scenic journey through lush greenery and tranquil waters.

Agricultural Abundance

Known as the “Rice Bowl of Andhra Pradesh,” East Godavari is renowned for its fertile lands and bountiful harvests. The district’s agriculture-based economy thrives on rice cultivation, coconut plantations, and aquaculture, contributing significantly to the state’s agricultural output.

Cultural Extravaganza

East Godavari comes alive during festivals like Ugadi, Sankranti, and the famous Godavari Pushkaralu, a once-in-12-years event where pilgrims converge to take a holy dip in the sacred river. The district’s vibrant culture and colorful festivities attract visitors from far and wide.


With its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and rural charm, East Godavari offers a captivating journey through the soul of Andhra Pradesh.

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