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Nanded is a district in Maharashtra, Shares its borders with Telangana, Situated on the Banks of River Godavari, A very Fertile Land.

There are Many Tourist Attractions in Nanded Like Temples, Rivers, Lakes and Forts, Waterfalls



Top Tourist Attractions in Nanded

  • Takhat Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchal Nagar
  • Kandhar Fort
  • Renuka Devi Mata Temple
  • Kaleshwar Mandir Vishnupuri
  • Pandav Leni
  • Fort Nanded
  • Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Museum
  • Sahastrakund Waterfall


THE DISTRICT OF NANDED LIES BETWEEN 18° 16′ AND 19° 55′ NOR’TH LATITUDE AND 76° 56′ and 78° 19′ east longitude. It has a place of 10,333.three sq. km* (This location discern given through the census government become received through them from the District Inspector of Land Records. The location discerns provided to the census government through the Surveyor-General of India is 10, 422 Kilometres. The segment on Geography is contributed through Prof. K. Ramamurthy of the University of Poona, Poona.) and a populace of 1,079,674 with, eleven cities and 1,386 villages of which sixty-one are uninhabited as in keeping with the Census of 1961. It is the easternmost district of the Marathwada location of the Maharashtra State. It is bounded at the north through the Yeotmal district, at the west through Parbhani and Osmanabad districts, at the south through the Bidar district of the Mysore State, and at the east through the Medak, Nizamabad, and Adilabad districts of Telangana. For administrative purposes, the district is split into divisions, namely, Nanded being the northern department inclusive of the talukas of Nanded, Hadgaon, Bhokar, and Kimvat, and Deglur, being the southern department made from the talukas of Degiur, Biloli, Kandhar, and Mukhed.

District Name Changes Chronology

There are numerous motives provided for the beginning of the call Nanded given to the headquarters of the district. The financial institution of the Godavari, wherein Nandi, the Vahan of Lord Shiva is stated to have done penance got here to be referred to as the Nandi tat, which later modified into Nanded[1]. It is likewise stated that 9 rishis called Nand done penance in this financial institution of the Godavari and subsequently the call Nand tat. A 1/3 clarification is that it fashioned the boundary or tat of the 9 Nanda rulers of the Magadha empire.

Nanded Hills

In the Nanded district, the principal fashion of the hills is from north-west to south-east in parallel degrees with offshoots typically jogging in a perpendicular route eleven though this easy sample has been notably changed via way of means of differential erosion. Beginning from the north, the primary of those degrees referred to as the Satmala enters the district after the space reduces via way of means of the Penganga simply west of Mahur. It rises in 3 awesome terraces, the primary being a few one hundred meters above the valley residences of the Penganga at an altitude of 350 meters above sea degree. On this terrace are a few small tanks and some villages set withinside the midst of cultivated fields. Mahur is the most important of them and is taken into consideration as a sacred place. The subsequent better terrace is at a degree of 570 meters above sea degree, growing precipitously from all aspects besides the south in which its miles dissected via way of means of circulating erosion. There is a castle on this terrace which loved the safety afforded via way of means of the Penganga surrounding the hill on all of the aspects besides the east similarly to that afforded, via way of means of the densely clad jungle slopes inhabited via way of means of wild animals. There is a nonetheless better terrace at a degree of six hundred meters included with dense jungle.

As the Mahur hills amplify south-eastwards, they’re bordered at the north via way of means of a ridge whose summits upward push over six hundred meters and are separated therefrom via way of means of a completely slim trough that is occupied via way of means of sections of diverse minor streams. It can be stated that the street and the railway line from Ambadi to Adilabad use this slim depression.

To the south of the Satmala degrees are the Nirmala degrees jogging parallel to them and east of the Penganga they’re connected to the previous via way of means of offshoot hills which can be aligned greater or much less parallel to the path of the river and on which the district boundary

The hill variety which bureaucracy the water-divide among the Penganga and the Godavari enters the. the district from a northwesterly route and broadens out to approximately three kilometers in width because the Savargaon plateau stretching south-eastwards with a summit degree of 525 meters or a hundred and fifty meters above the encompassing plains. On this plateau with fertile black soils ordinary plants of jowar, cotton, tut, did, mung, wheat, and rice are grown. There is a small pond on which relies upon the village of Savargaon for its water supply. From this elongated plateau, a spur runs north-eastwards to Hadgaon, figuring out the path of the Kayadhu river to the north of it. The city of. Hodgson (population: 5,522) on the quit of the spur withinside the area among the spur and the river Penganga has grown due to the convergence of routes afforded via way of means of any such geographical situation. This northward jogging spur has been dissected into parallel ridges via way of means of the erosion of a minor circulate.

Plateaus and Borders

From the Savargaon plateau, the principle variety continues for approximately thirteen kilometers after which splits into 3 major degrees extending eastwards, south-eastwards, and southwards. All those are typically below 540 meters. The first of those degrees runs in an east-north-easterly route as some distance as Wasi after which turns south-eastwards. The street from Nanded to Bhokar crosses the saddle among the primary degrees after which maintains southeastwards at the flat pinnacle of the second one variety. From the 1/3 Lunge jogging southwards, 5 kilometers north of the Somanthuna peak, main spur proceeds south-eastwards, dissected right into a damaged collection of flat crowned hills.[2]

The hills to the south of the Godavari arc typically of decrease elevation. The Latur-Nanded street enters the district approximately 2 kilometers south of Malegaon and runs at the flat summit of a ridge over 480 meters above sea degree jogging in a north-easterly route toward Loha. About 6 kilometers earlier than Loha is reached, the ridge but swerves in an easterly route at some distance because the Bhimtek peak, that is, located approximately eight kilometers north-east of Kandhar. At Bhimtek it splits into branches, one jogging in a north-easterly route and the opposite a few what decrease jogging in a south-easterly route forming the water divide among the Manar and the Godavari. South of Manar the water-divide setting apart this river from the Tiru and Lendi rivers is of full-size width jogging in a south-easterly route with summit degrees at approximately 520 meters. South of the Lendi river there maybe once more an east-west ridge with a summit degree of approximately 510 meters and made use of via way of means of the street passing via way of means of Hanegaon.

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