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Dindigul Hill Resorts | Dindigul Rock Fort | Dindigul Silver Cascade Falls | Lakes and Rivers in Dindigul | Dindigul Railway Station | Dindigul Beautiful Places

Dindigul is a city in Tamil Nadu Formerly ruled by Tippu Sulthan, It is 430 km away from Chennai and the Famous Kodaikanal is from Dindigul District.


Dindigul is most famous for tourism, Here Both Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats meet here and as a result we got a beautiful place called Kodaikanal , There are many famous Places like Landscapes, Tea plantations and also Dams, Lakes and Waterfalls.

Dindigul Tourist Attractions


Silver Cascade Falls

Thalaiyar Falls

Thadikombu Perumal Temple

Sirumalai hills

Kodaikanal lake

Pillar Rock Kodaikanal

Dindigul rockfort

Kutladampati Falls

kumbakkarai falls

Tamilnadu is the only state in India where there is a maximum number of Temples which are more than the 1000-year-old, Many Temples also hold world heritage site status.

Tamilnadu is also known as Temple State and also rich in culture and Heritage of Ancient Indian Practices, This place is ruled by Sri Krishna deva Raya, Cholas and Pallavas For Thousand Years and later by British and French.

The State holds it’s a stronghold in Tourist, Exports, and Imports of Goods, Chennai Port is the Second Largest Port after Mumbai Port in India and also Largest Film Industry and As well as Third Largest IT exports after Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Places like Hosur, Salem, Coimbatore are famous for Hardware and Software Industries, It holds India’s largest Silk, Cotton and Yarn Markets.

Tamilnadu Still Holds it’s heritage by wearing traditional dresses like Dhothi and Sarees, Especially Salem Yarn and Cotton Markets and Kancheepuram Sarees are worldwide famous.

Many Industries and Manufacturing units like Hyundai, Honda are in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu holds 2nd largest GDP in India and road connectivity is wonderful.

The Temple Architecture, Kodaikanal waterfalls, Crocodile park, Festivals, Forests, Valparai Trekking and Pollachi Shooting Spots there are large varieties to see in Tamilnadu Which Cannot Be Skipped.

The Real Estate market is evenly spread in Tamilnadu, Especially there are many two towns and one town which the rates are higher than Chennai.

The tourism Department is wonderful in Chennai, Ancient Temples, Rivers and Lakes, Dhanushkodi, and other Parks and View Points made almost 12 million foreign tourists visit Tamilnadu in 2019.

Dindigul History

The records of Dindigul are focused at the castle over the small rock hill and castle. Dindigul’s location changed into the border of the 3 outstanding kingdoms of South India, the Pandyas, Cheras, and Cholas. During the primary century A.D., the Chola king Karikal Cholan captured the Pandya nation and Dindigul got here under the Chola rule. During the 6th century, the Pallavas took over maximum provinces of Southern India and Dindigul changed into under the guideline of thumb of Pallavas till Cholas regained the country withinside the ninth century and the Pandyas regained manipulate through the thirteenth century.

In the 14th century, a maximum of Tamil Nadu kingdoms had been beneath neath Delhi Sultanates with Madurai Sultanate ruling this location among 1335–1378. By give up 1378, the Muslim rulers had been defeated through the Vijayanagara navy and later installed their rule.

In 1559 Madurai Nayaks, until then a part of the Vijayanagara empire have become effective and with Dindigul have become a strategic gateway to their nation from the North. After the demise of King Viswanatha Nayak in 1563, Muthukrisna Nayakka has become the king of the dominion in 1602 A.D who constructed the robust hill castle in 1605 A.D. He additionally constructed a castle at the lowest of the hill. Muthuveerappa Nayak and Thirumalai Nayak observed Muthukrishna Nayak. Dindigul got here to prominence over again at some stage in Nayak’s rule of Madurai beneath neath Thirumalai Nayak. After his on the spot unsuccessful successors, Rani Mangammal has become the ruler of the location who dominated efficiently.

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