36 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya, Tourist Places



Meghalaya is the North Eastern State of India famous known for Chirapunji where there will be rainfall every day, Meghalaya Tourism.

Top Places to Visit in Meghalaya

  • NohKaLikai Falls
  • Umiam Lake
  • Ward’s Lake
  • Shillong View Point, Laitkor Peak
  • Balpakram National Park
  • Elephant Falls
  • Umiam Lake
  • Nokrek National Park
  • Garo Hills
  • Don Bosco Museum
  • Seven Sisters Falls, Cherrapunjee
  • Siju caves
  • Mawsmai Cave Road
  • Nartiang Monoliths
  • Spread Eagle Falls
  • Air Force Museum
  • Dainthlen Falls
  • Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians
  • Arwah Cave
  • Lady Hydari Park
  • Mawsmai Cave
  • Rainbow Falls
  • Wei Sawdong
  • Pelga Falls
  • Bishop’s Falls
  • Laitlum Grand Canyon
  • Tyrshi Falls
  • Garden Of Caves
  • Mawlynnong
  • Kyllang Rock
  • Umiam Lake Viewpoint
  • Khoh Ramhah or Motrop
  • Byrdaw Falls, Pomshutia
  • Balancing Rock of Mawlynnong
  • Mawjymbuin Caves
  • Lyngksiar Falls

North East India is completely on the eastern side of India, The States in this region are called 7 Sisters.

All the seven states in this region are called sister states, All share the same demographic and are very close to China or Nepalese Border.

The Closest Place is Bangladesh and Burma, The Flora and Fauna vegetation is Mostly covered in all these states.

There are many Valleys, Passes to travel in this place, North East is completely filled with Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, and also Mountains and Passes.

Meghalaya has chirapunji where rainfall is the daily routine, Arunachal Pradesh has mountain passes.

Assam has the great Khamakya Temple.

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