Vaccine For Corona Creates Hope in Investors

Coronavirus Started in January in China, Where the outbreak happened in Wuhan Province.

Initially it started with few cases and spread like a wildfire in china where cases rose to about 80k.

Symptoms seemed to be normal , But later immune less people started facing breathing problems.

Followed by fever and ultimately Leading to death. Corona virus pandemic First wave hit several countries.

But All countries Followed lock down which led to closure of shops and all economic activities.

This Blockage led to the crash of stock markets for the all-time low. Dow Jones fell from 25k to 10k.

Indian Stock market fell from 41k to all time low 24k and also many markets around the world crashed.

Almost Corona virus hit around 13million world wide and in USA alone 1,40,000 people died followed by 5.8 lakh deaths world wide.

Still many countries are facing second wave of corona virus,Despite of unlock program people still are residing back at homes.

There are many Vaccine trails going on and till now every news here and there are just disappointing.

Some news said it’ll take 2 years and some says it may take almost an year.

Still, micro-businesses facing completely shut down resulting in the cyclic disaster of an economy.

But A news from oxford is giving confidence in investors and people world wide that ” A new Vaccine started showing positive results like improving the anti bodies” on corona patients.

Lets hope our economy starts back and we’ll be fine like good old days.

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