How to Invest in Indian Stock Market 2023, Investment Basics

How to Invest in the Indian Stock market Basics

Opened an account in both Zerodha and upstox and don’t know what and where to invest???

Worried about your friends making good decisions and you moving in the wrong direction and also are mutual funds invest friendly!!!!!

To shut down all the confusion and myths bounding and the marketing hype which is going on just go through this article.

Let me just start with a disappointing note

Stocks are just like gambling , But just pretty logical . Besides everything follows the same

As explained above stocks are like gambling, Insider trading , News management and people closer will get to know more.

Up till lock down pharma and few industry stocks were just normal.

But After lock down it’s both pharma and manufacturing industry whose stocks almost doubled.

How to start a normal trading introduction

Invest in low and medium-range shares for example Power and manufacturing-related industries like CG power and Tata Motors.

Those are just examples don’t blindly invest in that coz I’ve mentioned here.

I’ve mentioned because of power and manufacturing and immortals in daily life, Even corona couldn’t stop it.

Wait for few months to reap, On the other hand, check the news daily related to the communication industry like the idea.

Idea share was 3rs in march and there came the news that Google is investing,” of-course idea managed press to give fake news “.

Look what happened it’s share skyrocketed from 3 to 12 rs. This is how Investments in stocks work

Mutual Funds Investment

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing”

Whenever you see the above line itself in any advertisement, There itself you must confirm that there is a high risk involved.

Mutual funds depend on the fund manager, He may be certified but he is a human bound to make mistakes.

You are trusting him to manage his fund. He charges you for managing your fund and also in return profits are not guaranteed.

IT Employees who are reading this article try to analyze carefully and get into it, But profit not guaranteed.

Intraday Trading Investment

Intraday investment is the last and high-level risk of the market, The advantage here is you’ll get volume for stocks for less price than quoted.

But it has to be traded within a day, Just invest very little amount like 500 and 1000.

If you invest huge amounts like 10,000 . Numbers changes within seconds span of time and so the profit/loss numbers.

You can expect huge loss here and purely depends on market conditions.


I have written this article keeping many people who are eagerly wanting to invest in stocks.

This is not to disappoint anyone, Moreover this drives you to invest in stock market in very safe way.

Just think our parents or yourself might have got lot through to get to certain position.

Stocks are like addiction , lack of knowledge will get your graph down.

Go through the article for Introduction , I’ve written in the simple way to make it understand to any one who invests on stocks.

Below is the Referal Link , If you want to invest in Stock Market

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