Sales Take A Huge Toll In India Due to Pandemic

Sales in any field like automobile, Plots or any other related took a deep dive in this pandemic.

Things are not the same like February where we can go and have fun in any other way.

But today more than 60% business are still in shut down mode. Especially one part of chain like transportation and food related became paralytic.

Unemployment registered as high as 30% worldwide, Employees are now asked to WFH till this entire year.

Countries like India,USA,Brazil,Mexico are still suffering from an outbreak and clocking more deaths day by day.

In other parts of the world, though the situation has come down, there are not in a position to reopen the business.

Countries like USA is asking to reopen schools but parents are not in a position to send their kids.

Tourism is one big disaster and also visas are cancelled almost worldwide for any further educational purpose as well.

The Following mentioned resulted in a deep slump of sales world wide and also there is a huge surge in the sales of pharmaceutial related products.

And also instant foods and microwaves , Washing machines increased because people started to work for themselves.

Since Sales took a slump there is going to be an effect in future.

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