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Madhya Pradesh Laptop Yojana: Free Laptop Scheme

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Madhya Pradesh Yojana Application | Madhya Pradesh Free Laptop Scheme

Today’s world is completely moving towards digitization and people no longer want to wait in queues.

Yet few of the people are waiting in queues because of the over population and lack of resources.

But Students who are in the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine should move faster.

The only catalyst which makes them move faster is Laptop.

Laptop is mostly available in every middle class and Rich Households.

But it is still dream for people who are from poor background.

People of Tamil Nadu are lucky because they are always showered with schemes like free laptops etc.

So Madhya Pradesh Government came up with a Free scheme to supply free laptops to the needy students.

Reason for the Scheme

As the government recently changed, Again shivraj singh chouhan took charge as a CM.

He promised this scheme as an election affidavit.

The Aim of the scheme is to provide Free Laptops for the Poor Students and also reduce the drop out rate by 2030.

Eligibility For The Scheme

The Eligibility for the Scheme is that this will be provided for Students Who achieve good and Reasonable marks.

But the Criteria is He/She has to secure 85% in 12th For OC and 75% for BC/SC/ST.

Documents Required

Documents Required to Submit are Mentioned

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. residence certificate
  3. caste certificate
  4. 12th-grade mark sheet
  5. income certificate
  6. Bank account details
  7. Passport size photo

Madhya Pradesh Site to Visit

Visit the official site for applying

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