59 Best Places to Visit in Kolkata, Tourist Places

Kolkata is the Capital city of West Bengal, Sweets are most famous in this state , Especially you get variety of sweets here in Bengal.


Top Places to Visit in Kolkata

West Bengal is the North East Coastal State of India, Earlier West Bengal was along with East Bengal, But Later During the Independence of India, East Bengal was Split into Pakistan.

West Bengal has great cities like Kolkata, Kharagpur, and also Hill station Like Darjeeling, Fishes are largely grown in West Bengal, and also it is the staple food of every Bengali.

Sea Food is the regular meal of West Bengal, The state was earlier ruled by Communists for almost 34 years, But West Bengal is the ugliest state, and cleanliness is really low.

Many Prominent leaders and Influential persona are born in Bengal, Subash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, and Sarojini Naidu.

Mother Theresa House house of missionaries is in West Bengal, She became popular in Kolkata.

There are many Museums and Palaces in Kolkata, Many parks and sanctuaries are also famous in West Bengal.

The mode of transportation in Bengal is through Trams and also Metro, Buses are rarely available.

Howrah Bridge was built in 1960 and it is the most famous bridge built with entire steel.

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