The 13 Best Beaches to Visit in Kerala

Beaches in Kerala are very famous for their blue water Nature, Especially the Arabian sea extends from the middle east to the west India side and Completely is on the Mud side.

But when it reaches Kerala, Blue waters enter and make Kerala beaches a wonderful and Fantastic visit for Sunrise and Sunset.

Kerala is mostly famous for its Coconut Trees and Palm trees on the Beach Front, Especially The Backwaters which start from the river, and when it enters the beach, The Lush Green View from both sides is a visual feast.

Surfing should be done only when the sea tides are high, That too it’s only in Mangalore in India, Kochi Marine Drive from Beach is a must-visit.

Many of the Best Beach are especially in Kerala, All other beaches in India are just Normal Beaches, But Kerala beaches have fantastic Nature and a Blissful effect.

Almost all the major cities in Kerala lies on the beachfront and also many places especially Urban in Kerala are only near beaches and the other half is completely on the forest sides, Mostly Covered with Landscapes of Hills, Waterfalls, Rivers and Lakes Etc.

The Below shown are the best beaches in Kerala which require a must-visit this summer.

Kovalam Beach

Kochi Beach

Varkala Beach

Alappuzha Beach

Trivandrum Beach

Kozhikode Beach

Kollam Beach

Kannur Beach

Bekal Beach





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