Earphones with Mic: Under 500-1000


Buy Best Earphones with Mic under 500-1000

Just Remember one thing any headphone with any price is not resistant for mic’s.

Boats headphones with just 399 rs works better than any other headphones

But disadvantage of Boats headphones are loud noises and its lack of surround system

Other than Boats if you want to go for any other headphone then go for skull candy headphones it has good bass and also 2 year warranty

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Best Earphones History

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In 1910, the Radio Division of the U.S. Navy received a freak letter from Salt Lake City written in purple ink on blue-and-pink paper. Whoever opened the envelope probably wasn’t expecting to read the next Thomas Edison. But the invention contained within represented the apotheosis of one of Edison’s more famous, and incomplete, discoveries: the creation of sound from electrical signals.


The purpose of the headphone is to concentrate a quiet and private sound in the ear of the listener. This is a radical departure from music’s social purpose in history. “Music together with dance co-evolved biologically and culturally to serve as a technology of social bonding,” Nils L. Wallin and Björn Merker wrote in The Origins of Music. Songs don’t leave behind fossils, but evidence of musical notation dates back to at least Sumeria. In 1995, archaeologists discovered a bone flute in southern Europe estimated to be 44,000 years old.

Earphone Quality Check

Earphones quality check is one hell of the process where it is difficult to judge, Once i brought Skull candy earphones for 1000 But within 6 months it got damaged and we asked for replacement.

Later replacement is also damaged, And another time we brought realme headphones for 300 and it went on till the year.

So it is difficult to judge the earphones quality

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