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English Novels or Books Highest Rated for sale in Amazon

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English Novel Highest Rated

Ever since a person recognizes that English language is called “The lingua franca” .

He/She starts to witness the importance of language ,

It might be in fetching a job, Telling a story or in any Communication medium.

So if you want to shine in this language then the pulse of the language is in reading a novel or a book.

For starters those who want to start ,

Better go with the novels first and the book.

A novel is usually an extended version of a situation,

Just like cinema it has genres like Suspense Thriller.

Mystery, Comedy ,Detective,History Thriller,Horror, Crime,Study of human behavior etc.

So to suit audience interest who are looking to start English with a Bang ,

I’m going to suggest you few simple yet powerful English novels and books which are in offer for 50% in amazon

Below are the highest rated and sold Novels and Books.

English Novels

To Kill A Mockingbird: 50th Anniversary Edition

Great Expectations

A Passage To India

The Hobbit (Film tie-in edition)


The Alchemist

The Da Vinci Code: (Robert Langdon Book 2)

The above mentioned are for beginners ,

Complete this and comment and later ill suggest edition 2 .

Just wait for 2nd edition.

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