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Winning Chances Likely High to Donald Trump

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Winning Chances high for Donald Trump despite Pandemic Failure .

The Poll Numbers are changing for Donald Trump in the success percentage.

There is still on going riots in Minnesota and also pandemic rate is still going high.

Joe Biden on the other hand who started his campaign has got the attention and also projection of fake media.

The Fake media managed to keep up the pace of joe biden.

But despite the multiple efforts of media, Biden Continues to lose the pace with his sleepy face.

He Chose kamala harris as his Vice President Nomination opposite to Mike pence.

Kamala Harris once accused Joe Biden of Racism and is now sitting next to Biden and praising him.

On the other hand, Americans are not caring about the pandemic.

They’ve almost unlocked many prior locked chains for examples Theatres.

Tenet is releasing on this September 3rd in USA.

The GDP rate of the world is reported worst in the 1st quarter.

USA Reported -31% of down rate in GDP.

Winning Chances

Despite all these worst scenarios , Trump is managing to get poll numbers.

Because of the positive impact he created pre pandemic time .

Also people started beliving that controlling pandemic was a collective failure by people .

Joe biden Fails to get good numbers despite good chance of attacking.

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