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TikTok To be Banned From USA, Trump Plans

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TikTok which is an improvement version of Dub-smash ,Has added features and released as TikTok.

But within short time it made a break through into mobile markets with almost 500 million users world wide.

But off-late this App is being used for wrong and obscene scenes like Animal Butchering and romanticizing Hate and Violence.

Many Governments also have official channels in TikTok, But Since the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic.

As it was made in china, There is an allegation that TikTok captures data from the users and selling it to political parties.

China is Losing more and more users worldwide because of the Ban it is facing.

Today Almost there are 4 Chinese Investors Per 10, It has a huge consumer market.

Indian Market is very high compared to any USA and it stands next to China.

TikTok has a huge market in the USA , Next to india and it also helped very much in the george floyd protests.

Now if now it is banned in USA , Then it is going to lose huge market .

Though it is a leading App , Even after Ban.

Even if USA follows the same ,Then the loss for the Chinese Tech companies will be very Huge.

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